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This season I have a new brand of running wear called Coreevo. Why another brand? Very simple. I always want to carry the best brands for each sport and Coreevo is satisfies my criteria. Its main feature is COMFORT. Obviously, this is important when we put on a T-shirt or a pair of tights. We want to feel good about it feeling good. Like when you put on a pair of running shoes, and they fit like a glove. Well, it’s the same thing.

The collection bases itself on short, knee-length and long tights. T-shirts are sleeveless, short-sleeves and long sleeves. Socks are very fine and compression stocks come designed to protect your calves. All come in red, blue, white and black.

The material used is Dryam fiber and Zero-friction technology which favor freedom of movement and do not leave abrasions. This is key because as many of us have experienced, we do not want sore nipples or irritated skin.

The compression on the T-shirts is medium, that is, you have never have the feeling that the shirt fits too closely; with the tights, the shock absorption in the quadriceps will help you improve performance. I, in fact, have worn them on heavy- rain days and I can assure you that recovery was spectacular.

You can buy and/or see this new line at or in our shop at: U51pro, Avenida de la Libertad, 1, 20004 San Sebastian 00 34 943 44 16 05.

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