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THE ST. JAMES WAY CHALLENGE: Mikel Azparren vs. Julian Sanz

This is an unprecedented challenge. Mikel Azparren and Julián Sanz go head-to-head in a duel in which only one man can emerge a winner. There is a single goal: Finish the 750-kilometer stretch from Roncesvalles to Santiago de Compostela in less than 24 hours. The competition will be sponsored by Orbea and is to be held on the 16th of August.

The Bizcayan ultra-distance cyclist Julio Sanz ( set a course record of 27 hours and 30 minutes in 2007, a time which was surpassed a year ago by the Guipuzcoan rider Mikel Azparren, with a time of 24 hours and 56 minutes a year ago . The men set their records on the Orbea-made Orca and Ordu model bikes respectively. Now they are ready to pair off against each other in a face-off with the same conditions and an official jury that will guarantee and endorse the finishing times registered. Beyond a personal rivalry, there is the challenge of covering the distance in less than 24 hours.

The trial is scheduled for the 16th of August at 16:00. The cyclist with the greatest support on The Challenge’s social media network will start 3 minutes ahead of his opponent, in accordance with existing norms. The race will be broadcast on the social media networks, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on the cyclists’ individual websites.

There will be a contest prize of an opportunity to ride in the race car that will accompany the riders during the race. This prize will go to one of the supporters of the cyclist who generates the most social media followers. Everyone who participates in The Challenge will automatically enter a contest in which various prizes from Orbea will be awarded.

U51Pro supports Mikel Azparren in this St. James Way Challenge. The Guipuzcoan, ex-manager of the professional cycling team, Caja Rural, will combine his training workouts with his work as a spinning instructor and his collaborative duties with U51 Pro.

U51 Pro offers in both its shops in San Sebastian and Madrid (inaugurated last month) the highest quality and most thorough and personalized advice to its customers with the aim of satisfying all their needs.



The Challenge: 24 hours
750 Kilometers cycling from Roncesvalles to Santiago de Compostela
Mikel Azparren vs. Julián Sanz
16th August, 2014. 16:00

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SALOPETTE L1… The Ferrari of Cycling Tights

Last Sunday I had an opportunity to try them out for the first time… The truth is that for anyone unfamiliar with the product, this may sound like quantum mechanics or, at the very least, a prototype of some sports innovation… However, the reality is much simpler than all that… we are speaking of cycling tights… that is, basically I have tried these on… they are not just any tights, but model Salopette L1 from the brand Q36.5, which is a mouthful… better said, it is the Ferrari of cycling tights.


I had heard people speak wonders of them and, fortunately for me, I finally was able to get a pair of them… Let me state upfront that I am no expert in cycling, insofar as cycles or equipment is concerned… I really haven’t tried many brands; nevertheless, one thing is clear: they are different and better than any other cycling tights I have ever owned. One notices the difference when you put them on. The Lycra is different, denser, you have the feeling that it is “more” of a cycling tight, it adjusts much more than any other… such is the case that even though I had tried them on at Walktopro, when I did the same at home, I felt uncertainty as to whether I had the right size or not… that is what happens when cycling tights adjust so well…


Once on, it was time to test them or try them out, so I headed out to the street with them… the first thing I noticed was that the feeling of being a tad small disappeared as soon as I began pedaling. From the first kilometer, I felt very comfortable in them… though it is true that, at first, the sensations were slightly contradictory… I admit I did go out with a certain critical spirit and was very aware of the sensations I was experiencing… I wanted to know if such an expensive product was worth its cost, so from the very first pedaling I was thinking of the sensations these cycling tights were transmitting, is something that I had never done with any other.


The first few kilometers unfolded without any special revelation, that is, the sensations were the same as with any other cycling tights; in fact, I was asking myself whether the investment was worth it… I did not notice any difference with the others. However, as I progressed in kilometers, the sensations began to change. The thing that most caught my attention was that these cycling tights did not move an inch, it seemed like the inner padding and my bottom were one… perhaps some of you may think the same occurs with other cycling tights, that they do not move… the truth is I had never considered whether cycling tights move or not… until I tried the Salopette L1… they do not move an inch, they adjust unbelievably…and the suspenders? Again, this was a feature which had escaped me.  They do not disturb at all, one does not feel the stitching, they aid in keeping these cycling tights in place…


The kilometers continued to accumulate and the sensations improved. With other cycling tights that I own – after an hour or 90 minutes of a workout – I begin to feel certain discomfort. This does not occur with the Salopette L1. I have felt comfortable during the entire 2-hour, 15-minute workout. As a final note to my trial experience, I had the misfortune of falling from my bike, though there were no major consequences. I was able to verify that the Salopette cycling tights withstood the fall well, though there was a small tear in the tights’ trouser leg… if truth be told, it was a stroke of bad luck, to fall the day of the workout, but we don’t choose when to fall, do we? I can assure you that another pair of cycling tights would have fared much worse, probably ending up in the trash bin… the density of the Salopette’s Lycra besides protecting my leg, allowed me to walk away with just a minor tear… which is another point in Salopette’s favor, it offers protection and reduces the consequences of a chance fall…


To sum up, I really liked the Salopette L1… it adjusts like you wouldn’t believe without detracting from the general comfort level. In fact, the comfort increases. One does not feel the stitching, kilometer after kilometer pass without one feeling that anything is amiss… one continues pedaling and feels no discomfort at all… The worse thing I can say about the Salopette is that once you’ve tried them, you will never want to try any others again.



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Q36.5: New cycling shorts: Salopette ventd

For its Spring/Summer 2015 Collection, Q36.5 expands its line of cycling shorts or culottes … with the Salopette ventd.


Would you wear a new pair of cycling shorts for the first time if you were facing a 200K trial? No sooner have I tried them on, that I realize just how right the fitting from the brand Q36.5 really is. It is outstanding, cycling shorts and pad (chamois) all rolled into one. Though the original concept was designed to create top-grade cycling shorts for competition, I can assure you that it will delight anyone who loves the idea of riding for hours on end too. For the sake of comparison, let us contrast it with its sibling, the Salopette L1 Essential. The fabric on the sides of the cycling shorts allows for maximum breathability. The compression of the material in the thigh area is very balanced without being bothersome. For those of you who do not like excessive compression, these cycling shorts are for you. Another feature which has caught my attention is the pad or chamois. At first glance, while comparing it with the Salopette L1, it does not come with as much padding, which would lead one to see a similarity with other brands. Nothing could be further from the truth. After seven hours on my bike, the hamstrings are intact, not the slightest discomfort. I believe the reason is that even though the new model lacks an external chamois base, it has the same amount of padding as the Salopette L1. Plus, it has greater breathability and there is a notable drop in discomfort.


On the other hand, these cycling shorts adjusts more to the anatomy of the pelvis and groin, allowing for the new chamois to be more precise than its predecessor and perfect in its fit. Expressed differently, let’s just say that these new cycling shorts fit like a glove. Another interesting feature is the cycling shorts’ straps. They continue to have the same tubular design as the former model, but are lighter and have greater breathability. The lumbar region of these cycling shorts is also reinforced in such a way that it is barely visible and, curiously with the passing of hours, we do not experience the kind of suffering we’ve grown accustomed to in this area.


The Salopette Vented cycling shorts are destined to carve a niche for themselves among the finest of cycling shorts (they may very well be the finest yet). They are tailor-made for those of us who welcome major challenges. No doubt these cycling shorts will become my personal choice for any of the major challenges that lie ahead.









P1100177 P1100173


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New women’s cycling jersey from Q36.5

Q36.5 launches its new women’s cycling collection for this Spring/Summer 2015. These new prints in 3D transmit the impression of an embossed effect that is truly gorgeous. The new exclusive Lycra maillots from Q36.5 are lighter, more flexible and resistant. The most distinctive feature from Q36.5 or the big difference with other brands is that sensation of simplicity in the cut and fabrication which contributes to a unique design that adjusts to your body perfectly.

You can check them out at U51PRO San Sebastian or Madrid and