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Sea water has very beneficial  therapeutic qualities  for our body.   It is said that you can rebuild the damaged cell through seawater.

When Quinton started his studies, he found that sea water contained 15 elements of the periodic Mendelev´s table;  he continued with his investigation and added five more elements suspecting that it would be it, and it was.

Several university studies recommend the use and consumption of sea water not only for ailments but also as a food supplement and mineral content when there are gaps or go to great efforts.

The recommended amounts of Isotonic Quinton are from 2 to 6 ampoules and of paraquinton hypertonic from  2 to 4.   For greater absorption is advisable its administration with an empty stomach, so it is recommended:

With an empty stomach in the morning, 15 minutes before lunch at noon and 15 minutes before dinner.



In recent studies with athletes from different fields, it is recommended to take hypertonic sea water to increase resistance to the workload during the season in professional and semiprofessional sports training.

The properties  of  Quinton Hypertonic serum in sport are:

It is a natural mineral intake (hydration)

Recommended in maximum exertion situations

Optimizes metabolic systems

It can help to prevent or to delay the onset of fatigue and dehydration.

It promotes recovery processes after effort.

It is not a doping product.  Quinton products are natural and have undergone a process of microfiltration cold sterilant to 0.22 microns.



Research on molecular physiology and biochemistry reveal that mineral identity of the two media: internal environment of the human body and internal environment marine have a common origin. This identity allows the organism to select or deselect naturally those elements of sea water you need, eliminating volume renally concentration naturally, even twice more than  if he had swallowed physiological artificial serum.

In recent studies with professional athletes, there are increasingly described cases of hyponatremia, due to the emergence of endurance sports.

Some of the conclusions of these studies are:

The rehydration during prolonged muscular exercise is essential and they need to maintain homeostasis hydromineral.

It is  important to the significance of the relationship between sodium and the amount of water consumed.

Do not recommend to the athlete to drink at will or when he/shi is  thirsty, as it is too late for hydration.

Recommendations in endurance sport practice:

Before:   2 hours before the test, 500 ml of appropriate beverage.

During: hydrate soon (before you are thirsty) drink between 0.5 to 1liter per hour of exercise. Provide 1.2g / l Naci

After: in the recovery drink, provide 1.2 g / l of Naci with other Na salts.


I made a personal test  with Quinton in my spinning class.  In this sport the dehydration is very high.  I practice classes  on Mondays and Wednesdays.   Wednesday´s  class is performed with pulsometer and the percentages goes from  90 to 95% in 45 minutes.  The temperature in the room is very high and therefore we sweat more.  Dehydration in this classes or workouts is estracelular; that means that you will never get your shorts white with salt as when you workout on the road.


After analyzing quinton wather effects I found that  increases the heart rate support in all phases of the training without deshidaratacion peaks or  laziness.

The average watts was far superior to a single workout with water or glucose, but recovery was especially impressive.  Before I had days that I reached the changing room tired and dehydrated wanting an aquarius or a Coke, but since I try water quinton the recovery has been incredible.


I always try to be practical and not carried away by the placebo effect but I have tried this drink on two female athletes and two boys, and without knowing  the effect of the drink they  had notice improvement in:


higher performance, greater recovery and the feeling of not needing more  water

This chart shows that  I can reach and maintain from 80% to 98% fc from the 3rd minute without dehydration peaks.  I advise to drink  quinton water.




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