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A few days ago, I had the privilege and satisfaction of taking my bike out and riding on some fantastic tires manufactured by Lightweight, specifically the Meilenstein tubular model. From the moment I sat down, I was aware of a very distinct aesthetic sense. My bike had instantly acquired a racing feel to it, sporty but elegant, with that ebony tone so typical of Lightweight tires, plus some very sharp-looking hub flanges and rim rings with the Meilenstein brand name, also in ebony-toned, naturally.


I had contemplated all morning which route to take that afternoon, one in which I would combine different surfaces, to test out these tires to the max. I finally elected an 80 km route during which I hit two mountain passes, one of whose terrain was uneven to say the least, and also some flatlands whose surface was perfectly asphalted.


From my initial pedaling, I felt an incredible sensation. The rotation on these wheels is spectacular. It’s like this bike was moving on rails. I would describe the rotation as firm yet smooth, delicate but with supreme rigidity, transferring all the strength applied on the pedals to the wheel’s axle, and from this point to the movement of the tire without any loss or deformation of the ring or radials, like you find with other brands. I have ridden on full-carbon tires from other leading brands such as Mavic, Easton and Zipp, and for my money, the rigidity along with the smoothness bears no comparison.


On flat surfaces, you have the feeling of being totally in control, as if you were moving in a compact block, integrated by three elements; cyclist, frame and tires, in which the tires channel all the power of the surface you are riding on, enabling your bike “to fly”, and inviting you to hit those pedals with your all.


Uphill, whether you’re standing on your pedals or riding in a seated position, I  sense of absolute lightness; the tire remains intact, without ceding an inch. It is perhaps during these uphill climbs that you observe the greatest degree of lightness, rigidity and smoothness in the tire’s rotation. oror riding 6 jun

During descents, the braking, a point to consider any fully-carbon tire, occurs gradually, without any sudden starts. I would say that this tire has the most reliable braking I have ever experimented. The tires come with grey brake pads. The design of Lightweight tires is perfect, making the orientation of the bike totally linear. Despite the tire’s rigidity, your bike will go over bumps in the road with uncompromising smoothness, an unexpected discovery for someone who thought such unpleasant road encounters would leave my arms in a sorry state.

In conclusion, the Meilenstein model is a multi-purpose tire, apt for any mountain terrain, a tire for everyday use, one which will serve your needs on any surface: on flat surfaces, you will move as though you were a “block”; during uphill climbs, you will immediately appreciate the rigidity of the tire; and for braking on downhill, you will have the assurance of a tire that is both is predictable and reliable whenever it comes across some bump or deviation in the surface.




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