Veloce bolzano

The first feeling one has is lightness, something different, exclusive and very smart. I was getting my share of looks, which is when I realized that I was wearing something exclusive.

–       The back pockets were just as Mikel had described, functional and elastic, ideal for mountain trials, perfect for inserting a rain poncho, food, cell phone, etc. Most importantly, nothing moves here nor does the pocket hang in unsightly fashion.

–       The lycra is very different than the L1 sleeve jersey, a jersey which I have not tried out yet. The feel of the material is very pleasant, following my descent from the Morcuera mountain pass. I was surprised because when I removed my poncho a few seconds later, I did not feel cold and the lycra was completely dry. I tried again in Canencia where I actually crossed the mountain pass without my rain gear and with the lycra still dry. The temperature was about 13-15 degrees, not especially cold but with the wind blowing you certainly felt as though it were.

–       The pattern of the L1 sleeve jersey is different. It is perhaps more classic in appearance, not so fitted. In fact, if they were to manufacture an XS, it would be probably be a better fit.

–       To summarize things then, this jersey is: exclusive, ultra-light, has very functional pockets and the lycra keeps the body dry and eliminates that cold feeling you got with the old Assos short jerseys. I believe with the L1 sleeve jersey, the feeling will be even greater than those obtained with the VELOCE BOLZANO.

–       The gloves are exceedingly comfortable and light. The only drawback is putting them on is a bit hard due to the elastic in their upper part. This also occurred with Assos. I wonder whether it’s possible to solve this issue by improving the elasticity of the seam which joins the glove with the upper part.

By the way (and I do not tire of repeating this), the feelings I get with the short Salopette cycling tights improve with each passing day. They are incredible. I have never had cycling tights like these!



1239414_695583910469377_1520957025_a puerto de la morcuera

Autor: Mikel Colino

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