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When we buy a maillot or a cycling jersey, the first thing we check to see is its use: mountain bike, road, you name it. In this video, I cover the most essential features, namely, the first steps or basic fundamentals of a cycling jersey. Okay, let’s begin… first of all, the sleeves need to be pre-shaped, that is, cut as if we were in a cyclist posture; secondly, the jersey’s zipper should have a retentive locking mechanism. By this I mean that the zippers on most ABC brand cycling jerseys tend to be flimsy so they break or unhinge easily and, we all know, that’s no good. Thirdly, the back pockets on many low-end model jerseys sag or look oversized.  If you’re looking for a cycling jersey that’s well-made, carefully manufactured, this is the video for you. Come see it at our shop at bU51PRO – Av de la libertad n1, 20004 in San Sebastian  (Spain) or on our website: