Arte es sinónimo de capacidad, habilidad, talento, experiencia. Sin embargo mas comúnmente se suele considerar el arte como una actividad creadora del ser humano, por la cual produce una serie de objetos ( obras de arte). URGESTALT

Empiezo con esta frase porque cuando vi por primera vez esta maravilla de cuadro lo primero que dige: arte en estado puro, así es , no solamente por sus acabados negro mate , si no por sus formas geometricas,  su anchura de la pipa de dirección y su estrechez en el tubo de la tija del tubo del sillín o las vainas traseras rectangulares etc. peso muy bueno790g sin horquilla y completa 1340g




I’ve always been big on cycling, especially the bicycle itself and all which surrounds it; namely, the material and equipment of a cyclist. Following many years of trying on dozens of sportswear, my attention was caught a brand that always seemed on display at world championships, one used by the Swiss cycling team but never over found in shops or magazines.

The sportswear always bore the letter “A”, but hard to identify. With the arrival of the new communication technologies, particularly Internet, things took on a new life. Even so, I still did not understand why the brand did not receive more ad play. Finally, I found out that the brand in question was ASSOS, and I set about including it among my shop’s product lines. Sure enough, nobody in my area carried it and my usual supplier told me: “That line is way too expensive. It’s not worth the bother.”

I thought to myself: “Ferrari makes expensive cars, they don’t over-advertise and they’re the best in automobiles…! One fine day, I was leafing through an industry mag and came across an advertisement from U-51 in San Sebastián, announcing that they carried the ASSOS line. I couldn’t believe it and called them up immediately. I spoke to some guy named Mikel who not only informed on how I could purchase my much-desired line, but provided me with endless details on size, stitching, suitability of garment for inclement weather conditions, you name it. The following day, I had my very own Intermediate Evo jersey and TF1 cycling shorts at home with me. No easy feat considering that San Sebastián is not around the corner from me. These were my first ASSOS sportswear.

When I removed my new purchases from their packaging, I tried them on and had the impression: “Now these are quite tight”, but then I remembered what Mikel had told me. “ASSOS wear is for riding, not for strolling about…” And it’s true, when you get on your bike in your sportswear; things just seem to fall into place. Tightness disappears, the feeling is one of absolute comfort, everything is wrinkle-free, and it’s like wearing a glove.

Since those early days, ASSOS has become an integral part of my sports wardrobe. I prefer to spend a bit more in this brand because the comfort and exclusivity of this brand is priceless. U-51, too, has become my shop of reference. With a mere phone call or e-mail, I’m instantly in touch with technically-savvy sports professionals who are authorities on the product lines they carry because they are cyclists themselves.

“Brutal” best describes this cycling jersey for the new season, brought to you by one of the best brands for cyclists everywhere: assos. This jersey is comprised of 8 (count ‘em!) different pattern cuts, providing a perfect fit and always implementing the adp concept, or the precise positioning of a cyclist in motion. This is not a jersey to be tried on while standing or in a vertical stance. Lightness and breathability are what you’ll remember most about this jersey, not to mention the equally attractive matching socks and cap.

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La primavera es vida. Los meses invernales de hace solo unas semanas ya son algo del pasado, así como lo es el frío, las heladas y la nieve. Tal es el alivio que sentimos colectivamente que hasta las primeras lluvias primaverales resultan soportables. Las ganas de saltar de la cama y aprovechar cada minuto de cada día nos posee como una gripe viral. Por algún motivo los anglo-sajones llaman esta época del año La Fiebre Primaveral. Todos, desde los mayores más renqueantes hasta los críos más enérgicos parecen estar en un estado inexplicable de híper-motivación. Las sonrisas vuelven y la necesidad imperiosa de estar en forma y lucir “lo último” es tan básica como el comer y beber.

Nuestras prendas pesadas de invierno las almacenamos y todos parecemos movernos con mayor ligereza de aquí para allí, paseándonos como si fuésemos unos deleitables caramelos visuales. Pero como bien saben los dioses del marketing y la imagen: los “caramelos visuales” solo son tan buenos como el envoltorio en que vienen. Por muy buenos que sean, nunca los compraremos, ni siquiera los probaremos sin un atractivo, llamativo envase. Pues ídem para las prendas deportivas. Deportistas de toda índole que llevan meses hibernando y atrofiándose emergen de repente en primavera para celebrar la llegada de las nuevas colecciones que les permitirán parecer y sentirse nuevos.

Por ello, en U-51 queremos recordaros que tenemos lo último para la Primavera 2013 de assos, endura, x.bionic, saucony,zoot, Oakley y muchísimas marcas más de atletismo, ciclismo y montañismo que os permitirá lanzar vuestra celebración personal. Sabemos perfectamente lo que buscáis esta temporada de primavera y todas las temporadas: unas marcas de elite que son garantías de calidad, durabilidad, rendimiento deportivo y lo más llamativo visualmente en el mercado actual.

Visítenos en nuestra tienda de San Sebastián, Avenida 1,  943 44 16 05 o échale un vistazo a nuestro catalogo online en la página


feliz dias a todos

Mikel kolino


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Soon you will see on my website under the nutritional supplement category the brand 226 ers, dedicated wholly to keeping sportsman of all types on par and fully recovered. I will be carrying salt minerals, proteins, glucose and everything you need to train better and recover in shorter time.


When we decided to buy any nutritional supplement, it seems like they are all the same. Well, 226ers is not. This brand differentiates itself with quick assimilation of proteins as well as glucose and minerals. For example, imagine yourself in a running or cycling competition. At 30 degrees C. the body dehydrates and we begin drinking gallons of water with electrolytes and salts. Our stomach is unable to assimilate, so we dehydrate. This is because our osmolarity changes with the temperature; that is, the hotter it is, the mixture dose should be inferior. With 226ers, there is a greater concentration without any stomach disorders ensuing.


Electrolyte salts are capsules that can be ingested several days before an important event such as a marathon, the Ironman, and so forth.

Recovery drink powder can be diluted in water or juice, it supplies no amino acids, carbohydrates, omega 3 fat, larginine, amino acid precursor to the growth hormones, etc. It can be used for hard workouts or competitions.

Energy drink can be mixed with water in a water bottle and used as a hipotonic drink. It contains taurine which stimulates us intellectually and physically. Its l-carnitine favors the metabolization of fat whenever our pace falls below 60%.

Isotonic drink better known as salt minerals offers us a balancing mineral for all kinds of aerobic situations and is reinforced with vitamins and beta alamine.

Tubes of glucose assimilate quickly and are enriched with caffeine or for non-caffeine users, which on hot days will come in handy since caffeine dehydrates.

All of the above products are available at: U51 San Sebastian av. de la libertad n1 cp 20004 San Sebastian. tel 00 34 943 44 16 05


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