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Q36.5: New cycling shorts: Salopette ventd

For its Spring/Summer 2015 Collection, Q36.5 expands its line of cycling shorts or culottes … with the Salopette ventd.


Would you wear a new pair of cycling shorts for the first time if you were facing a 200K trial? No sooner have I tried them on, that I realize just how right the fitting from the brand Q36.5 really is. It is outstanding, cycling shorts and pad (chamois) all rolled into one. Though the original concept was designed to create top-grade cycling shorts for competition, I can assure you that it will delight anyone who loves the idea of riding for hours on end too. For the sake of comparison, let us contrast it with its sibling, the Salopette L1 Essential. The fabric on the sides of the cycling shorts allows for maximum breathability. The compression of the material in the thigh area is very balanced without being bothersome. For those of you who do not like excessive compression, these cycling shorts are for you. Another feature which has caught my attention is the pad or chamois. At first glance, while comparing it with the Salopette L1, it does not come with as much padding, which would lead one to see a similarity with other brands. Nothing could be further from the truth. After seven hours on my bike, the hamstrings are intact, not the slightest discomfort. I believe the reason is that even though the new model lacks an external chamois base, it has the same amount of padding as the Salopette L1. Plus, it has greater breathability and there is a notable drop in discomfort.


On the other hand, these cycling shorts adjusts more to the anatomy of the pelvis and groin, allowing for the new chamois to be more precise than its predecessor and perfect in its fit. Expressed differently, let’s just say that these new cycling shorts fit like a glove. Another interesting feature is the cycling shorts’ straps. They continue to have the same tubular design as the former model, but are lighter and have greater breathability. The lumbar region of these cycling shorts is also reinforced in such a way that it is barely visible and, curiously with the passing of hours, we do not experience the kind of suffering we’ve grown accustomed to in this area.


The Salopette Vented cycling shorts are destined to carve a niche for themselves among the finest of cycling shorts (they may very well be the finest yet). They are tailor-made for those of us who welcome major challenges. No doubt these cycling shorts will become my personal choice for any of the major challenges that lie ahead.









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