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Imaginaros que vamos esquiando, es un fin de semana o esas mini vacaciones de semana en cualquier sitio del mundo, disfrutamos a tope bajando a muerte ( expresión mía de ir a tope) . nadie puede negar que aun así nos gusta estar comunicados en todo momento desde nuestro móvil, o tablet, pues bien os presento un guante de la casa kjus modelo gsm glove. Guante con sistema bluetooth es decir un guante que si recibimos una llamada podemos gestionarla sin quitarnos el guante, increíble verdad, ademas la calidad de este fabricante suizo es impresionante totalmente impermeable , proporcionando un calor en nuestras manos aseguradas . para verlo y comprarlo y tienda fisica U51PRO av: de la libertad n1 cp 20004  San Sebastian 


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Today it happens to me again, its been long since it never happened but I do not know,
it might be the conjunction of seasonal changes, moving in good partner, getting enougth
rest and knowing that today sunday there is no rush and I have no obligation than padling
and not looking at the time of arival. I reffer to the period of REM, where my mind gets clear,
seperating from the physical and enters in the state of concentration that fusions all, the
landscape, the machine and your legs.

Getting in level after ascending, where half of the slope
is left with pines, where you give all so can later descend speedily without the ” consideration”
so you may not get sensitive wish and getting hold to the breaks. Getting on the level now, to
recover, reduse the pulsation and the movements, being on the wheel and controlling the breath
bending over the head and putting your view in fixed point looking just like they have said before,
the companion of the background or at the end”my 23 milimetres” and stay in these moment imnotized
with the continous line that separetes the extreme edge of the highway, at this moment entered the
period of rem and that fusions my legs with the adiction like couple of complements more, an extension
of joints in rotation, I feel they are no more mine, they no more tired nor in tension, my brain now becomes
ethereal, and not an organ more with narcotic actions, and the adrenalin functions to become the owners
at that moment and generates contrary idea of ?80 kilometers more?, the word “sports” becomes relegate
for that of “Liverty” because then effort becomes the secondary and the first is continuing without wanting
to get to a destination like the begining we proposed knowing that if we are there we will be back with a
snap on the fingers as usual, to this we dont want to return in moments like that.

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