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La verdad sobre las badanas de ciclismo

En este vídeo de Nacca os explico el comportamiento de las badanas de ciclismo sobre el cuerpo humano, realmente son las causantes de la incomodidad? o es la mala colocación de esta sobre el culote.

Hoy en día la mayoría de los fabricantes cumplen la normativa standar de calidad y confort Iso 9001:2008 pero porque hay diferencias entre unos culotes y otros .

Pues la diferencia por lo general es la fabricación desde el principio hasta el final,  se diseña, se patrona( manualmente y digital mente) se corta y se monta y confecciona

Estos pasos son esenciales y se tienen que llevar con mucho mimo jamas se podrá hacer en grandes cantidades de producción de culotes con máxima calidad , por eso en Nacca la producción es muy pequeña y con seguimiento por cada culote o pieza . Un culote cómodo en un principio cuando se coje por los tirantes tiene que quedar equilibrado es decir la badana respecto al suelo horizontal y cada modelo tendrá una medida y desplazamiento cm o mm hacia adelante o hacia atrás esa es la base de tener el culote mas cómodo.

El ensamblaje de la badana en el culote puede ser de forma de zip zac, tipo como dientes de sierra otros fabricantes lo remallan, esto es realmente un concepto de estética y no de diferencia en las prestaciones . Como nota importante la suma de todo es la base de un buen culote pero siempre prestar atención en como primeramente esta cosido  y alineado sus paneles y luego la badana ,cada ciclista tiene sus propios criterios de como le gusta la badana fina, muy acolchada y esto siempre hay que respetar.

En venta:

logo corporativo de Nacca
Marca de ciclismo solo exclusiva de culotes, haciendo honor a la Nasa donde se fundo las bases del conocimiento aeronautico y yo de los culotes de ciclismo
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Complete Sports Advice from U51pro and WORKCYCLING

U51 pro ( and WORKCYCLING have reached an agreement to provide complete sports counseling for free in San Sebastián.

Mikel Azparren, nationally-recognized cycling coach and champion of such demanding races as La Quebrantahuesos, will be the person responsible for overseeing this comprehensive sports consultancy initiative with the valuable assistance of Mikel Kolino.


This service will be available at the U51 pro located at 1, Avenida de la Libertad in San Sebastián starting 1 April, 2014, Mondays to Fridays between the hours of 10 and 1 pm. During this time frame, whoever so desires can visit the shop and receive all types of advice ranging from nutrition, accessories and sports-wear to a personalized program explaining how best to prepare for a race or other competition that may be of relevance to interested parties.


Thus, Mikel Azparren will inscribe a new chapter in his illustrious sports career with direct one-to-one counseling. His achievements include victories in La Quebrantahuesos, finishing in a record-setting time of five hours and twenty-one minutes; and the Iratí Extreme among others. Additionally, he held the post of Director and Managing Director of the Caja Rural cycling team, succeeding in winning a stage in the Los Lagos de Covadonga competition. He now takes on the challenge of training persons of contrasting profiles in an effort to obtain the maximum benefit from each.

With this strategic project, U51 pro becomes a center specialized in the training and sports consultancy of all those persons wishing to enhance their cycling potential, and thereby a monitor of each customer’s progression. By offering this service, the renowned sportswear vendor will be the first and only one to do so in the region.

During the month of May, there will be an additional service connecting those interested with professional staff who will provide specific training tips for La Quebrantahuesos.

We’ll keep you posted.

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MK: A New Name For A “New” Shop this New Year

renowned boutique sportswear shops over the last three years, Mikel Kolino, founder of U51-Pro, one of San Sebastian’s most is proud to announce this New Year, 2013, a new name for his establishment.

Thus, the shop which specializes in sportswear and accessories for cycling, track and field, mountain climbing, trekking and swimming will cease to be U51-Pro and now bear the initials of its owner, MK.

MK, like its predecessor, will exclusively offer the finest, top-shelf brands including Assos, Arcteryx, Suunto, Time, Oakley, recognized far and wide as the surest bets in today’s competitive market. The shop will remain at its present address, Avenida de la Libertad, 1, where it has been located since November, 2012.

MK will also continue to carry out the philosophy of its founder of treating every client as if he or she were a fellow cyclist, athlete or mountaineer, a belief resulting from the fact that Mikel Kolino is no mere owner running a business. Quite the contrary, as this 2:35 marathoner matter-of-factly affirms:

“I practice sports every day; I know what I’m talking about. I never recommend an item or brand to a customer that I have not tried out for myself.

Mikel Kolino views anyone who visits his shop as a new opportunity to not only offer top brands, but also a chance to give them personalized advice which invariably the customer identifies with and feels special about. A personalized approach to advising customers, Kolino feels, is what distinguishes MK from the competition.

Lastly, for those followers of Mikel Kolino’s many blogs and videos …

… You can continue to enjoy his online creations with pointers on the latest trends and what to expect in the upcoming seasons by visiting

For more information, call us at 943 44 16 05, where you will discover that MK shares the same passion that you do: Sports and Life.







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We always state that your philosophy (and ours) is “Sports and Life” and while many of us believe that the two go hand in hand, others treat this self-evident truth as merely a truism. We think it’s more and recently asked customers to tell us what sports meant in their lives. Here is what one had to say:

For me, sports and life are inseparable and have always been so, since I can remember. I remember as a kid going out for the first time with my Dad on a bicycle without training wheels. I was deathly afraid of falling, but my Dad kept reassuring me that all was okay, that I had nothing to worry about  because he would be there to catch me if I fell. For some reason, I believed him and in a short while I was pedaling happily on my own. I couldn’t believe it! I still remember my Dad jumping up and down the way he always did whenever the local football team scored a goal.

I felt like I had scored a goal too and, in a certain sense, I had. I had achieved a milestone, scored a goal and conquered a fear, all at the same time. I was hooked!

As I grew older, I graduated to more sophisticated bicycles and greater challenges. Each mountain conquered or not, each race won or lost, taught me something about myself and imparted a life lesson that parental sermons could not. I learned to work hard, to not back down from competition and, above all, see the parallels between sports and life.

For instance, every time you succeed at something you’ve never succeeded before, you take things to another level, you raise the bar, and discover things about yourself you didn’t know you had. When you plan your workouts, choose your apparel and watch your daily diet in the name of sports, you are learning things about methodology, organization, physical and mental well-being. Every time you’re injured and return to a sports activity (whatever it is), you are affirming that you will not be beaten. You accept adversity and setbacks as part of life and accept their challenges because it will make you stronger. Every time you lose a competition, your mind tries to come up with a million ways to avoid doing so the next time and begins its comeback. That’s growth, that’s improvement, that’s why sports and life are important.

Many times, though not always, how you perform in sports and the things you learn while practicing them is something that has a carryover effect in your personal life, how you deal with success, how you deal with failure. The skills you acquire in one area are directly transferrable and applicable to the other. For example, a lot of people who don’t do sports often feel they’ve reached their limit. A dedicated sportsperson believes there are no limits because the result of one day’s performance has no relation on the next. You can lose one race and return to win the following one. Just like life, we always get another chance.

Well, the above opinion coincides with a lot of things we believe in at U-51 Pro. What do you think about the relationship between sports and life? Write and share with us your views, we’d like to know.