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Perhaps it wasn’t the best day for a run…but owning a pair of running shoes eager to “mambo” made me forget just how bad and fatigued my body was feeling that week.

Without aiming to do anything other than sweat a bit, I laced up quickly…Seen from a triathlete’s POV, this is a true delight since the shoe’s tongue and quick lace adaptation to one’s foot is an agile transition; those of us who consider ourselves mere amateurs may not appreciate this feature as we should, but this shoe’ll make you feel like a pro…

Once on and recalling the feeling of the 5.0 model – lightness and good foot fit – you almost get the feeling that you’re running barefoot. Plus, there’s no risk of blisters or calluses forming since there’s no harmful inner stitching. You can even run without socks risk-free, assuming you’ve chosen your size correctly. Zoot running shoes tend to run a half-size smaller so keep this in mind when you pick your size.

To conclude, what was scheduled to be a 60-minute run, ended up being a 90-minute jaunt at a clip that I had not counted on, but one the shoe demanded…The following day, zero problems as far as musculature and abrasions were concerned.

If you’re looking for a versatility, this shoe is a sure bet.

The above is a testimonial from my friend Manu Perez Francisco de Arezana, who has always been by my side, through thick and thin. Thanks buddy.


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